Ready to solve a 100-year-old problem in manufacturing?


For over a century, through three industrial revolutions and now into Industry 4.0, manufacturers have grappled with one persistent challenge.

The interesting thing about this challenge is that it's so inherent to operations, you probably wouldn't even list it as a top priority—simply because you've concluded that it could never be solved.

Well, Drishti lets you solve it. You'll use our solution to drive productivity, quality and traceability on the line, across your facilities and through top-line business functions—with an impact ultimately felt in your core financials.

We'll reveal more about our solution soon. Contact us to hear about it first.


Who is Drishti?

Our founding team blends Detroit and Silicon Valley. We're ex-Stanford, ex-Google, and ex-GM. Our technology was incubated at SRI International, the originator of some of Silicon Valley's most world-changing inventions. Multiple patents are pending.

We’re funded by Andreessen Horowitz and BGV, and supported by an SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation. And our early customers include electronics manufacturers and tier one auto suppliers whose revenues top a combined $70B per year.

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We're pushing technology beyond what’s happening even in research labs while commercializing it at the same time. We seek experts in machine vision, machine learning and video engineering who want to tackle the world’s hardest problems... at scale.

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Drishti is selectively expanding our customer base. We gravitate towards unsolved factory problems involving quality, productivity and traceability. To get started, write in and tell us about the challenges you're facing.


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Drishti's offices are located in Palo Alto and Bangalore.

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